basic occupational first aid & CPR Training

It is a requirement under OSHA that employees are given a safe and healthy workplace that is reasonably free of occupational hazards.

However, it is unrealistic to expect accidents not to happen. The Occupational First Aid program aims to provide medical and first aid personnel and supplies commensurate with the hazards of the workplace through equipping participants with the skills and confidence to undertake first aid duties within an industrial environment and in a workplace.

This is an assessment certification program assessing hands-on real test participation that certifies participants as a competence First Aider.

It emphasize on the emergency procedure that should be carried out immediately in the event of an injury or sickness happening in the workplace.

Basic Occupational First Aid & CPR Training is a highly hands-on training with plenty of practical sessions to expose the participants to emergency scenarios. Other than the theory and practical sessions, participants will experience handling few lifelike mock-drill stations (scenario-based situations) such as bleeding, amputation, fracture, burn, scald and spine injuries. This might seem simple but may make a difference between LIFE and DEATH.