Fire Fighting Technique & Emergency Response Preparedness

There is an old saying that prevention is always more effective and cheaper than the cure.

Fire hazards can be one of the most common serious hazards that any home or business can faced. Unfortunately, there are not many buildings that have adequate measures to fight fire blazes. While proper procedures and trainings can minimize the chances of an accidental fire and prevent property damage to the minimal, employees must still have to prepare to deal with a fire emergency should it occurs. However, the presence of fire extinguisher is not going to help in time of emergencies - one needs to be able to use, maintain, and store it properly.

This programme aims to provide knowledge, skills and confidence to respond appropriately to a fire emergency and provide the knowledge for the proper use of emergency equipment and procedures to enhance survival in a fire emergency. Participant will be guided of how to plan and prepare definite evacuation plan and prepare definite evacuation plan to help them react appropriately to an emergency or in the event of fire takes place.