Human Resource Consultancy : Applying and complying

Industrial Relations Act 1967, Trade Unions Act 1959, Sarawak and Sabah Labour Ordinance, Social Security Org. (SOCSO) and Employees Provident Funds (EPF).

Managing Misconduct, Domestic Inquiry, Termination and Benefits, Deductions from Wages, Maternity Benefits, HR Policy and Terms and Conditions.

We appreciate the difficulties experienced by employers in managing their organization in applying and complying relevant employment regulatory and compliance legislation. Through the provision of proactive advice from our expert team of labor practitioner consultants, and human resources professionals, we enable our clients to realize considerable savings on the management time and resources allocated to dealing with compliance issues.

People are the greatest potential asset in any organization. However, due to the sheer volume and complexity of relevant employment law legislation, it is little wonder that employers consistently rate managing their employees as the most problematic area of their business operation. Our highly experienced team of labor practitioner consultants and HR professionals can deliver expert legal advice and strategic HR support that will save our clients valuable management time, protect your organization from exposure to damaging litigation and enhance employee productivities.

By offering a flexible range of support, we can work with each client to achieve the right balance of services to meet the unique needs of their organization. Our current range of employment law services include, but are not limited to:

Consultancy Packages:
Complete consultancy packages that include HR audit, document drafting, applying and complying in range of employment law legislation, consultancy support and managing performance effectiveness
Audits and Documents:
Detailed reviews and assessments of existing employment law documentation and procedures, employment contracts, policies, procedures and handbooks that can be continually updated to reflect any legislative changes
Training and Seminar:
Public seminars and In-house training by our expert team of labor practitioner consultants. Our training programs can be tailored to meet different industrial business goals, objectives and budgets
News Articles Updates:
Provides relevant case law updates, news articles, and procedural guides which can be combined with our advice line to provide a complete legal compliance package and support
Consultancy support:
Complement our telephone advice with consultancy support for affirmative action plans or advices in complying with the relevant legislations / employment laws
Employer Representation:
Advising and represent for in-house clients companies on handling cases at the Industrial Relations Dept and the Industrial Court and representing employers in the Labor Court.